Class & Coaching Reviews

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Jennifer – 8 Week Review

“This is what I achieved in 8 weeks through training and eating the right food! With Victory Fitness

Gilly is a brilliant coach and gives just the right amount of ‘push’ that I need! Her training plans are flexible and you can plan your work outs around your lifestyle. Gilly works remotely so no need for a 1:1 meet up

I contemplated for weeks about posting this on social media as I’m still nowhere near my target but I’m feeling brave and I am very proud of my achievement.

I would definitely recommend Victory Fitness online coaching services!!!”

Katie – Personal Training

Before training with Gilly I was one of those women afraid to go the gym with having little to no knowledge of fitness and training but through my time over summer with Victory Fitness Beach, I was taught so much and really saw a difference over the 5 months!

Gilly is a brilliant motivator; pushing you to test your limits in every session. Her flexibility with classes and 1 to 1 training was fantastic and she always kept fitness fun! (Expect for Bulgarian lunges!!)

If you’re wanting to start out on a journey to a better you, there is no one better to guide you through. From box fit to pilates to kettlercise, there’s something for everyone!

Class Reviews

‘Jilly, the fitness instructor was so accommodating and kind. This water fitness week has inspired me to find a class when I got home.’

‘Gilly the aerobics & aqua size teacher was excellent. Also, did running 3 mornings a week. Very personable, good communicator & knowledgeable.’

‘Gilly is an exceptional fitness coach who provides well structured professional classes

Pam – victory fitness accommodates all physical fitness and adapts it to your needs very good trainer

Anna Maria – Gilly is a source of motivation for me and mostly for my mom!!!
We thank you for that!❤️

Patricia – Have been doing Pilates with Gilly since before the lock down ! then during the confinement online everyday at 6p.m ! It was THE appointment of the day ! Now her new classes on the Beach in Tigaki are wonderful … I appreciate very much the acquagym we do 2X a week and of course all the other Pilates courses she gives at different hours on the beach that can accommodate every one ! I feel so much better since I have started working out with Gilly !!! come and try it out … you won’t regret it !!!! I have personally strengthened my abs, gained in flexibility and resistance !!! there is no age for that … I am 71 and not ashamed to say it !!!!! She is a great coach .

Lillian – First done Pilates with Gilly through the winter very enjoyable! Toned up and felt good! What I like is it’s not vigorous or pounding your joints but still makes a difference to your mind and body! Definitely recommend it to one and all no matter what age you are!! Gilly always makes sure you do it right at your level so your not straining or uncomfortable! Also any advise you need too she is a brilliant coach!! ??❤️❤️


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