Private Coaching

Customized Programming

A knowledgeable personal trainer will create a customized exercise program for you, designed to help you reach your unique health and fitness goals. A trainer will also take into account special considerations (e.g. existing medical condition, pregnancy, post-rehabilitation, medications taken, etc) when creating a program exclusively for you.


Correct Technique

When exercising, safety is the number one priority. Our personal trainers will teach you the proper mechanics of each exercise and will ensure that you are performing each with correct form, thus maximizing the efficiency of your workouts.


Enhance Motivation

Who wouldn’t like a little extra motivation? Having a scheduled session with a trainer promotes accountability on your part, and can assist in developing adherence in the long run to making exercise a regular part of your routine. In addition to the outside motivation, a personal trainer can also help you develop a more positive outlook on exercise by exploring options for making exercise more enjoyable, reviewing short-term progress towards goals, and assessing feeling- and mood-state changes related to exercise, thereby improving self-confidence and self-motivation.


Alleviate Boredom

Believe it or not, exercising can be fun! Our personal trainers can help you select activities that you enjoy, and also choose exercises that will keep you challenged and on track towards reaching your fitness goals. Our personal trainers have vast knowledge of various exercises, tools and techniques that can make your workouts both fun and effective.


Privates Pilates & Private Coaching


One to one 1 hour session – 50€

Two to one (couple session) 1 hour session – 60€

For groups, there is a basic price of 50€ and 10€ per additional participant


Kos residents and seasonal workers please contact us for OFFERS and to book a FREE consultation.

What can I expect during my initial training session?

Unlike a personal training session back at home we want to get started as quickly as possible – so please fill out the initial forms before attending your session. We will take time to get to know you and what you want to achieve, but we do not want to waste your time, so it is important the more information you provide prior, the more training we can get done in the first session and the more likely we will achieve your goals.


How many times a week should I have a Private Coaching session?

Just like the program itself, how many times you meet with a trainer is a very individualized decision that depends on a variety of factors, including your fitness goals and your motivation level. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal of a quality personal trainer is to promote self-efficacy within the client, enabling them to take ownership of their exercise experience. We offer a variety of packages that may suit your needs.